What to do at Art Basel 2022

What to do at Art Basel 2022

As the largest and most prestigious art fair of its kind, Art Basel in Miami Beach is a must-see event for street art enthusiasts.

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November 22, 2022
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Art Basel, an annual art fair in Miami Beach, is the largest and most prestigious art shows of its kind on the world. It's also one of the most attended events throughout the year with over 77,000 people attending the Miami Beach event last year alone! The  Art Basel event is hosted on the first week of December each year in Miami Beach. It also hosts other massive art fair events in Hongkong, Basel (Switzerland where the event started), and Paris. The  Art Basel event is considered by many to be the biggest and best exhibition for modern and contemporary works of art from various artists around the world. This simply means that if you happen to come across something you like during the event; it will probably be gone before you know it!

What is Wynwood?

Wynwood Walls is the conception and creation by the renowned community revitalizer, the late Tony Goldman. Wynwood was started in the year 2009 when Goldman was looking to transform the warehouse district that made up Wynwood at the time. Like a wall owner on wxllspace, Goldman’s goal was to “… create a center where people could gravitate to and explore, and to develop the area’s pedestrian potential.” Wxllspace also promises to do the same for walls everywhere.

Currently, Wynwood is a place in Miami that has been designated as an art district. Street artists from all over the world come to paint and create their own artwork on buildings, cars or anywhere else they can find space for it! Tony Goldman’s commitment to graffiti and street art, a genre he thought to be under-appreciated, comes to life on the Wynwood walls.

Wynwood walls has undoubtedly brought the world’s greatest street artists to Miami Beach. The project has seen hundreds of artists from different countries represented and more than 80000 feet of walls painted in the once dilapidated warehouse district.

What do Art Basel and Wynwood mean to a Street Artist?

Wxllspace, like Wynwood and Art Basel, is committed to “expand its breadth, introduce well known and emerging artists and bring world-class art to the community.” Apart from wxllspace, artists presenting in art basel are bound to get recognition from the most important people in the art space.

Given that Wynwood is true open-air museum which is part of the more than 200 galleries represented by Art Basel Miami Beach, artists can also derive inspiration from the various artists doing different styles on the Wynwood Walls and the Wynwood Doors.

Art Basel Events

In addition to being able to view some amazing pieces from around the globe, there are special events that go on all week long during the Art Basel event which makes this a great time to also visit the South of Florida. A quick browse on the Art Basel website and you almost get overwhelmed by the sheer number of events packed into 3 days as well as ticket information.

For street art lovers and artists on WXLLSPACE, the streets of Wynwood is where you’ll find your thing.

Art Basel decided to take over the street art space for its own this year, by integrating street-style murals with highbrow works of fine art typical to Art Basel in an effort to create something new and exciting out there on display. Nobody would dispute the success of Wynwood Walls so far.

For the WXLLSPACE Community

street artist wanted - community meetup

WXLLSPACE Community Meetup

What's up, everyone?!
It's our favorite time of the year - ART BASEL 2022!

Alot of us are attending this year and I wanted to do a pop-up at Panther Coffee and get our growing community together for a small meet-up. I would love to introduce myself to those who we have not in person and just speak over a coffee before the weekend madness starts.

Please bring a friend!

Link to RSVP


Tickets: https://scope-art.com/tickets/

Hours: 11am-8pm


Location: Miami Beach

Red Dot Miami is a curated gallery-only contemporary art fair during Miami Art Week.

In addition to showcasing 75 of the top galleries from around the world, Red Dot Miami features a provocative agenda that includes site-specific installations, ongoing collaborations with our partners, and specially commissioned events that take place during the fair.

Tickets: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/spectrum-miami-2022-art-basel-miami-miami-art-week-tickets-452209580027?aff=ebdssbdestsearch

Hours: 12-8pm Daily

For all other events, check out this table below:

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