How to submit accepted proposals on WXLLSPACE

How to submit accepted proposals on WXLLSPACE

Want to submit a winning proposal? Find out what it took to get here.

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November 21, 2022
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In the past, in order to submit your qualifications or to be considered for a mural project you needed to submit an RFQ or RFP. With WXLLSPACE, we wanted to remove all of the friction in that submission and approval process so projects could be approved faster and started quicker. For more info on Call For Artists, check out What is a Call for Artist?

What does an owner look for in a proposal?

From the article What is a Call for Artist? we know that an owner is looking for three things when selecting an artist for a mural project.

Qualification, availability and price.

  1. Are you qualified? References of past work - Portfolio
  2. An artist should have 9 photos, detailed with location and title (not required, however as we begin to roll out more features, this will come in handy, more on this soon)
  3. Are you available? (Start and End Date)
  4. When are you available to start? How long will it take you to complete the wall?
  5. How much is this going to cost me? (Artist Fee)
  6. You should be paid for your work and no one should take a cut from your take-home pay. Adjust the slider and find your sweet spot.

Each of these components are crucial for a fast and easy decision and as many people in real estate say, time kills all deals.

The WXLLSPACE Proposal

Why did we create this?

Building WXLLSPACE, we knew two things. Artists time is very valuable and limited. For those who are not managed, have to take these tasks into their own hands and handle on their own which takes time away from creating. We also knew that it does not take this long to figure out if you like an artist or not. I mean let’s be honest, if you like someones art, you don’t need their resume or video of why they want to paint your building.

Our approach was very simple, how can we remove all the friction in submitting a proposal so you can submit accurate and relative proposals to projects all over the country and the click of a few keys.

Building your Artist Landing Page

As we built our beta product a little over a year ago, we discovered that over 22% of artists who signed up did not have a proper website displaying their work or accomplishments. We realized that if an owner wanted to really consider an artist, everything would have to be on one single landing page, just as a resume would be.

Submitting a winning proposal

As we hit out 500th proposal milestone, we gathered a lot of data points on what gets approved and we wanted to provide an instructional guide on how to increase your chances of winning projects.

We analyzed the data and realized the proposal with the following components were opened and viewed and strongly considered in every decision. Proposals with incomplete profiles and no attached reference images were not considered as frequently. So what should be included in a proposal to get you more views and strong consideration for a project?

  1. Pricing should be accurate
  2. Reference image is helpful
  3. Message is helpful
  4. Completed Artist Landing Page is your resume

How can you stand out?

Spruce up your Landing Page

Headshot - If you have a great headshot, show it off, here is where you can put a face to the name.

Logo - You are a business, so you should be branded as such. Feel free to show off what your brand looks like. Entity

Bio - Give a viewer a little information on yourself. Share with them what you find interesting, feel free to be ____.

Gallery/portfolio - Your gallery is where any one can reference your work. If you have any pieces that you want to show off, feel free to do so here. You can title your mural and add a location via Google Autocomplete Address.

Add a Reference Image

  1. Reference images are just for REFERENCE. This is not pre-made concepts that you will not be paid on. For example, if an owner has detailed that they want some branding in their design for their student housing development and you normally do portrait pieces, but have great letters that are not shown on your profile, show that. Real estate owners, respectfully are not the most creative individuals, they hire people to be creative for them. So show them how creative you are and hopefully your reference image can inspire them to move forward with you. Plus it shows great on their dashboard when they review the summary of submissions - they’ll remember your image.


  1. Notes to the owner of the property are helpful, especially when you are looking to add a really cool reference point or share an idea on what you would envision for the project.

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