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Osiris Rain for Overtown
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Adopting An "Artist First" Mentality

We are committed to supporting the creative community and helping accommodate its needs. This means investing in artists, and working with developers of new real estate projects so they can build upon neighborhoods that have been gentrified by rising prices over time while maintaining affordability and still generating economic growth.

Get Your Shine On

We'll handle the logistics so you can focus on painting. Get your shine on. We'll handle the logistics so you can focus on painting.


We’ll handle the logistics of paint, accommodations and even manage the project for you so you can focus more on the art.

100% of Proposals

All artist’s receive 100% of their proposals on WXLLSPACE. Don’t worry about getting undercut ever again. What you propose is what you get.

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Providing Transparency

In order to propose accurate proposals for faster approvals, we aim to simplify the submission process. No more essays. No more emailing portfolios attached to applications. Everything you need to know is on one page and the owners can see your profiles and approve faster than ever before.

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A technology-first approach to proposals and payments

Our proposal process is a leap forward in terms of efficiency, transparency, and creativity. WXLLSPACE's proposal process is an innovative form that takes all the guesswork out while adding clarity for both artists & property owners alike.

Start Date

When are you starting and when do you think you’ll have it completed.

Artist Fee

What is your price per square foot?

Hotel Accommodations

Want to paint in your nearest town? Look for walls there. Want to travel? Pick a city and look for walls there. Our database grows every day, giving you ample opportunity to find the right wall for you.

Paint & Materials

The cost of spray paint and other materials can vary based on your specific needs. Sum it all up here.

Upload a Reference Image

We won't take payment without first getting your design. All images uploaded here should only be reference material, not something you have on display for customers to view in the portfolio section of their website or social media pages.


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WXLLSPACE managed the entire project for me. Super smooth transaction and easy to work with.
Elisa Gomez, Salt Lake City, Utah

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Focused on your bottom line and built for transparency, we want you to be fully aware of all aspects involved in any project. That's why we're committed, not just with words but through action as well - by providing clarity around every detail so your expectations can exceed what was expected.

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You can be confident in your decision when you know who the right artist is for a project, and that they will do good quality work.

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Describe your different mediums and art styles and help developers find you.


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Show off your work. Add titles of the pieces as well as their locations of them.

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