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Why Artists Work with WXLLSPACE

We’ve got you covered

Transform your properties into captivating landmarks with WXLLSPACE. Our platform uniquely positions real estate developers to effortlessly discover and commission mural art, directly connecting you with a global network of talented artists. Elevate your property’s appeal, attract more visitors, and distinguish your space in a crowded market. Say goodbye to the conventional hassle of finding and negotiating with artists; we make the connection seamless and straightforward.

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Hassle-Free Project Management

Leave the logistics to us. WXLLSPACE takes the burden of project management off your shoulders, handling everything from artist selection to the coordination of necessary materials and equipment. Focus on your vision, and let us manage the details—ensuring a smooth, efficient process from concept to completion.

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Enhance Your Brand with Artistic Media

In today's digital age, a strong visual presence is key. We provide professional media production to showcase your new mural, enhancing your property's online footprint with vibrant content that's perfect for social media and marketing campaigns.

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Property and Time Protected

At WXLLSPACE, we understand the significance of your investment. Beyond bringing artistic vision to life, we ensure every project stands on solid ground—legally and practically. With WXLLSPACE, your project moves forward smoothly, respecting both your timeline and resources, and culminating in a dynamic artwork that enriches your property and community for years to come.

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Speedy and Simplified Process

Navigating the art commissioning process has never been easier. Our platform is designed for efficiency, allowing you to quickly find and commission artists without the red tape. Fill out a proposal in less than a minute and witness your space transform with minimal downtime.